• Warranty Services

    Jianglong has an integrated after-sales service system, and set up the technical support centers around domestic market, where equipped with professional engineers and sufficient spare parts inventory, fully meet the customer's material supply in daily use and maintenance.

    No matter during or after the warranty period, Jianglong provides 7×24 hours (weekly) after-sales services. Customers can report to us through telephone, WeChat, SMS, email, fax, etc. After received the notification, our after-sales service personal would respond to any reported warranty claims within 4 hours, and send the technicians to inspect and repair the product within 2 working days.​
    Warranty Services Scope
    • Jianglong product are covered by free of charge Warranty Services for one year after the date of the issue of the Acceptance Certificate in respect of the Vessel.
    • The Warranty Services shall cover the entire vessel and all its equipment, fittings and outfit against defects of design, construction, workmanship or materials and against any non-compliance with any of the Product Warranties.
    • After the warranty period, Jianglong provides lifetime free technical consulting.
    Warranty Services Files
    • After delivered the vessel, Jianglong would set up corresponding after-sales service file, recording the time, process and reason analysis of product maintenance. The maintenance records and archives is permanent preservation, to providing customers with lifetime free after-sales technical and maintenance consulting support.

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