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    56m/1000 ton level passenger and cargo transport ship

    • L.O.A(m)
    • Breadth(m)
    • Depth(m)
    • Speed(kn)
    56m/1000 ton level passenger and cargo transport ship

    53.2m Vehicle ferry

    • 53.20
    • 12.20
    • 2.50
    • 1.30
    • 8.2
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    41.5m Vehicle ferry

    • 41.50
    • 11.20
    • 3.10
    • 1.65
    • ≥9
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    The ship is a single-deck, single-bottom, and the main hull structure, forecastle, main deck bulwarks, cargo hold enclosure, cargo platform are constructed of steel, The deckhouse is aluminum structure. The total length of the ship is 56.21m, beam is 11.00m and depth is 5.20m. It can carry 25 crews. It is driven by twin engines, twin shafts and twin propeller, with good turning and heading stability. Speed is not less than 12kn, designed endurance is not less than 2500nm, and not less than 15 days. The ship is fully equipped with all kinds of living and emergency support facilities.

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